Elloughton cum Brough Town Council


In response to the Town Council's latest letter to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) and Highways England regarding queuing traffic on the A63, Highways England have put up ‘Queue Ahead’ signs to warn motorists and ERYC has adjusted the traffic lights. 


ERYC is required by central government to identify land for residential development, giving priority to locations where there are existing or proposed services and good public transport and highway connections. ERYC feel our community has good access east and west onto the A63 and a railway station with frequent train services to a wide range of local and national destinations. They say there have been improvements in service infrastructure in recent years with a new primary school, health centre, customer service centre and shopping facilities. As part of future planning approvals ERYC assure us that they will continue to seek improvements to service and transport infrastructure, including capacity increases at the A63 junctions.
The Town Council will continue to make representations to ERYC on highways issues. Our main concern is traffic congestion, the impact of further housing developments, parking and speeding. Over the last few years ERYC has carried out several surveys on parking and speeding. Parking restrictions have been implemented but unfortunately the speed survey statistics did not meet the levels required for implementation of speed restrictions.
The ‘Transport Assessment’ for the development north of Welton Low Road identified the need for improvements to the traffic lights above the A63. Highways England and ERYC accepted the improvements identified and work should begin in the near future.
Developers of the ‘Brough South’ development are required to:
  • Improve the highway network, including a link between Welton Road and Saltgrounds Road taking traffic away from the centre of Brough and a new signalised roundabout to replace the traffic signals at Welton Road/Welton Low Road, improving access to and from the A63.
  • Improve the efficiency of the traffic signals controlling access from the A63 westbound - to help reduce vehicle queueing and improve overall effectiveness of the junction.
  • Provide a ‘Travel Plan’ to reduce single occupancy car usage and promote sustainable transport modes - ERYC see this as providing an opportunity for bus service providers to secure an increase in passenger numbers.
  • Provide traffic monitoring equipment within the new highway infrastructure to establish if the predicted traffic figures in the developer’s submitted information match the actual flows when the development is built.
The main access to the Brough South development will be from Moor Road. Work to the highway infrastructure and bridge is now taking place.
If you have any traffic, parking or speeding issues to report please contact ERYC via their website or telephone them on 393939.